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About the Show

Welcome to the Healing Centered Conversations podcast. Dr. Byron McClure creates a space that is necessary and much needed in the mental health, wellness, and education industry.


In this podcast, I will give listeners the insight to promote collective healing by putting people first, leading with empathy, and fostering a healthy sense of well-being through meaningful conversations. I will highlight educators, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and the backstories of dope people as we discuss ways to heal, thrive, and live our best life because we deserve it! 


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Hosted by Dr. Byron McClure

Dr. Byron McClure is a National Certified School Psychologist who redesigned a high school in Southeast, D.C. His work centers around influencing change and ensuring students from high-poverty communities have access to a quality education. Dr. McClure has extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health, social-emotional learning, and behavior.

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 Dr. McClure has done considerable work advocating for healing-centered practices for all students, particularly, for African-American boys. He has designed and implemented school-wide initiatives such as SEL, restorative practices, MTSS, and trauma-responsive practices. As a result of this work, led by Dr. McClure, his school won the 2019-2020 Whole Child Award.


Dr. McClure has presented across the country as a panelist, featured, and keynote speaker. He believes in maximizing everyone’s limitless potential.

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