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The Healing Centered Conversations Podcast

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Welcome to the Healing Centered Conversations podcast. I’m creating this podcast with the hopes of creating space to hold conversations that heal.

You might be wondering… What are healing-centered conversations? To understand healing conversations, you have first to understand healing-centered practices. I like to describe healing-centered practices as an approach that involves putting people first, leading with empathy, repairing instances of harm, and promoting collective healing.

Healing-centered practices are about creating a culture where healing and wholeness are the priority. When I train leaders or present to educators on healing-centered practices, I typically highlight four key elements; 1) the belief that people (especially young people) must have an active role in restoring their well-being, 2) restoration is essential for healing, 3) these practices must be strength-based, and 4) these practices actively support people in their healing.

Importantly, these practices must focus on people rather than on problems or deficits. In addition, practices that center healing lean on the strengths and resiliency of individuals, families, and communities.

Healing Centered Conversations Podcast

Practices centered on healing recognize that trauma can derail resiliency. While trauma may disrupt a person's ability to be resilient, being healing-centered empowers you to realize that your trauma does not have to define who you are.

In sum, the goal of healing-centered practices is to lead with empathy, seek to understand, repair any instances of harm, and support one another, leading to joy and life satisfaction.

Healing-centered Conversations

The most important part of a healing-centered practice is the conversations themselves. Conversations give people a chance to express their feelings about what's going on entirely. In a way, it’s a process that provides people with a voice and allows them to humanize themselves in the eyes of others.

Healing Centered Conversations Podcast

Conversations that are healing-centered require us to be in the present moment. When we’re in the present moment, we’re not thinking about all of the things that have happened in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. We allow ourselves to experience what’s happening right now.

The most effective and meaningful conversations start with empathy and understanding. If we can come together with empathy and compassion for one another, then we can move towards a life of thriving and harmony.

What to Expect from the Healing-Centered Conversations Podcast

In this podcast, I will give listeners the insight to promote collective healing by putting people first, leading with empathy, and fostering a healthy sense of well-being through meaningful conversations. I will highlight educators, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and the backstories of dope people as we discuss ways to heal, thrive, and live our best life because we deserve it!

You can listen to the Healing Centers Conversation Podcast by clicking here or wherever you listen to podcasts. Subscribe to the Healing Centered Conversations YouTube channel to watch every episode.

Be sure to follow the podcast on social media @healingconvopod. You can also support the podcast by visiting our store and purchasing some of our exclusive apparel! Finally, tell a friend, and let’s have a healing centered conversation!

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